Sins of Krishna

The man who is at helm of Bhagwad Geeta, a holy book followed by Hindus, had more than few questionable moments and decisions in his life. Krishna is treated as Vishnu’s avtar – a preserver deity in trinity of Sanatan Dharam (Hinduism). As usual, I question and give it a mindful thought that how one of the most populated countries in the world can treat such a man as Krishna as holy person. And more I delve into it, the more I believe that its just another typical case of a cultural past driving away the future of humanity with senseless devotion as well as following.

While Bhagwad Geeta does stand as one of better texts, what about the man who dictated it:

– Krishna had illicit affair with most of the girls (called gopis) in and around his village. Hindus revere it as his “leela” (roughly translated to mysticism related tales), but considering the conservative mindset of the religion, its bit offending that this god used to bath and have physical relationships with naked virgin girls.

– Radha was Krishna’s most close beloved. Their love is considered to be immortal in Hindu myth. But what did he do to her? Once he inherited his kingdom, he never came back for her. Had sex and moved on- that’s immortal love? He married 100+ wives later but never Radha. Guess he was horny enough for rest of the world but got bored with the poor Radha.


– Radha came to Krishna’s palace again in her middle age (leaving her husband and children behind), but Krishna accepted her only as dasi (maid). Poor girl heart-broken left the palace some time later. She died on the road. Some justice there!

– During Mahabharat, its was Krishna who played foul and asked Arjuna to kill Karana. Why? Because Karana was unmatched in archery skills and Krishna knew he can’t be defeated by Arjuna in fair fight.

– He again played foul by creating a trap for Drona, another invincible warrior. Krishna asked Yudhisthra, the guy who never lied, to openly pronounce that Drona’s son has been killed. On hearing this, while Drona was in state of shock, Krishna urged Pandava brothers to kill him, and so it was done.

– Two times, its a folly, third time its sin. Krishna urged Bheem Sen to attack Duryodhana below waist with his mace, which was against the rule of the duel. Why? Because once again Duryodhana couldn’t have been defeated in fair fight.

– He stopped the sun from setting to press on Pandava army advantage. Heck! I am not sure what it must have done to global climate impact, gravity and centrifugal force with stoppage to Earth’s rotation, but there is a God for you running the pieces on chess board at his whim.

That’s not all, there are numerous other controversial points from Krishna’s life. His devotees all gloat over it with poetic charms. I just try to see it as an humble human being. For me perspectives matter.

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