Sins of Mohammad

There is been nothing more insulting to common sense and integrity of man’s thought than being harass- driven by an ideology, that at best may have been a product of an ideal brain. And when I say ‘at best’, the metric value is clearly placed at more than significant distance from what seems to be more plausible reality.

In a world where we have billions of sentient human souls living, and thriving, a need for greater goal or purpose behind their existence is no doubt a holy grail that would be sort after. More so in the pre-modern times where leisure would have been abundant enough. That is why perhaps most prominent religions of the world have their birth hundreds (if not thousands) of years old.

But I dare question what a glaring foolhardy it had been of us to keep believing the junk fed to us, that in its core is rotten and stinking with senseless dictatorship. One of such most violent and irrational path is that of Islam. I can go into the critical analysis of whole Quran, but will refrain from it. Rather let’s look at some issues that are very much an evidence on their own for the need to eliminate this bigoted line of thought from face of Earth. And no, I don’t believe that a word of God is good only in one language and to understand it, I will have to be proficient in Arabic. Its just a silly excuse. nothing else. The all supreme being could have done good to provide word to whole humanity in any language. So, here we go:

– Throughout the Quran, allah constantly demands servitude and almost dictator like followers, without leaving any intellectual basis for doubt or questions. It was as if Mohammad was desperate enough to have loyalty of his followers. Who was Allah here? A face that had no face, a voice that had no voice, and an all presence existence that had no existence. Leaving us what- his CHOSEN disciple, his prophet. All Mohammad did was set up an ideology to make people follow him. If evolution of human brain has given me power of thought, and an inquisitive nature, why should I not ask questions, explore on my own? Why does it make me a sinner? If Mohammad did something, then it was allah’s will, no matter the moral values behind those deeds- be it human slaughtering even.


– Give it a little thought and you will find words of Quran are written so to have manipulation of Ibrahim, Moses, and even Jesus pointing to coming of Mohammad. Has there been a more bigoted person in the whole history? I don’t think so. Its like you suddenly wake up some day, and Angel visits, declaring you all important and talking to you about all that matters. And then you tell everyone they should believe it cause allah said so. And also, believe me, because also said that as well.

– Insanity: once you start studying through Islam, its disturbingly easy to mark its spiral towards insanity. Mohammad said his words were from allah, and they need to be followed literally. That is until he decides to change them! One example of such nonsense is “Qiblah”- rules can be changed (such as direction of prayer) on allah’s whims. But if Mohammad decides direction will be towards kabah, it will not be further changed. Same about sex, there was sudden change in rule to have sex or eat during entire night during fasting. Its all covered in ‘holy’ blabber, but say what, Mohammad must have changed it on his horny factor (more on this later). And what has allah to do with my sex life anyway? Those who question it in name of broad mindedness are not Muslims as per Mohammad. Qiblah is supposed to be flexible until Mohammad decides it’s not flexible.

– It gets funnier: Mohammad with Muslim community is supposed to testify on judgement day about that prophets came and how they were not followed.

– Then Islam/Mohammad tries to debunk pagan rituals but allows muslims walking between hills Safa and Marwah, reciting prayer at door step to Ibrahims foot mark. And all present entity allah also prefers seven rounds at hajj.

– At times reading through Islam, I almost got myself confused that whether I was studying Quran or “Hitler’s Dreams!”. All through the book, there is sense of insecurity as if dictator tries to convince like a broken radio that it should be followed. If not, be ready to face the pit, the fire, the hell, the punishment, you-name-it darkest dungeon. The conclusion is that Allah punishes those who don’t follow his clear signs – it’s mentioned to ask “Israelis ” that how many signs have been given to them. WW2- Jews, anyone? Does it get anymore judgemental than this?

– Contradictions: I lost count of how many those are there- marrying to non Muslim is not allowed until/unless he or she converts to Islam. Even slave muslim is considered better but then Islam forbids slavery.

– Women: sorry muslim ladies, you are in trouble. Don’t go near women having periods; carnal intercourse allowed with one’s women whenever man wants. Husband can divorce wife by swearing oath to not have sex with her for 4 months. But he may revoke it at any time by having sex inside 4 months. Beatings are allowed to discipline a wife. Rape is allowed with women of defeated non-muslim soldiers. Its all glossed over, but that’s how it is. What Mohammad did to Ayesha is open secret. A pedophile defiling, harassing and raping a child, and millions following him! This sirs and maams is just the scratching the surface.

– Jihad: we all know about it by now. Anyone who is non-muslim is considered kafir and his beheading is allowed. So being a non-muslim is sin enough in Allah’s eyes. Don’t forget about those poor 84 virgins.

– Satanic verses- no words 🙂

Disclaimer: I take full responsibility of this whole article. I belong to no religion and have firm belief that a good moral life and common sense is enough to make life a spiritual experience. I write articles on all madness that is open to see but hardly anyone dare comment on it.

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